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As we know in online casino For example, if a player bets on two columns in the same game of roulette, the chances of winning are 24 to 14. How is it then that casinos represent an industry as lucrative? Another factor to be considered. This is the discount rate.

The house advantage is the fact that the gain obtained by the player for a winning bet is slightly below what the odds suggest. This statement is not simple to understand, we will explain. From a practical point of view, if a player bets $ 12 two columns in roulette ($ 24 total) and wins, he will be paid $ 12. If it is based on the odds of 24 to 14, the casino would rather pay the player $ 14.

The casino knows that he can take advantage of the game, even when the odds are against him, if discount rates are adjusted correctly. The casino makes its profit by taking $ 24 when the player loses and do that by giving him $ 12 when it wins.

This example may seem at roulette out of context in a page that deals with probabilities in blackjack, but as you can see by reading this information, these principles apply to all gambling. If all this does
not seem very clear, do not stop here. Everything will become clear very soon. The casinos have several ways to measure the benefit.

The main terms used are the house edge, the percentage of return, the commission and the percentage holding. Although they all refer to essentially the same, it is useful to understand the context in which each is used.

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