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Planning the perfect casino night in when the universe is against you

It has been a grim week of work and the weather hasn’t been any better. The mortal coil of Monday to Friday has reached an end and you have one special treat ready for your ultimate wind-down chill session. Me, myself and I is at the heart of this self-loving extravaganza. You have signed up with a brand new casino. You have collected a spectacular welcome bonus or a “can it be true?” no-deposit bonus and you know your bankroll is good to go.

The minute you come home you slip into your favorite cozy gear. You dial your favorite take-away whilst having junior walk the goddamn dog. Wife is at her parents. Life is good.

Your armchair has never looked more inviting. You are just about to dive into a progressive jackpot like Divine Fortune, fresh from Swedish games developer NetEnt, also known to cure the lunch break blues when you have only a tired BLT and your iPhone as lunch-companions.

Perhaps a casino like CasinoHeroes, Thrills or Unibet are casinos of your choice, unless you want a casino with slots on sites such as Guts Casino. Either way, this is the beginning of the weekend! You have your favourite beverage within reaching distance. The jackpot is yours!

Then this has to happen!

Just as you have given up on the takeaway and you have reached the ultimate sticky wild bonus game your first interruption calls your cell phone.

1. Late takeaway

You decide just to get on with it.You find a cool new slot that you can check out using free spins and no deposit bonuses such as Jimi Hendrix or retro-glam Neon Staxx. Perhaps the cool slot from Yggdrasil, Seasons, is at hand..Ready, set, go..

2. Your mum calls
After going through mummy’s latest news, gossip and scandals and the additional pinch of scorn and disappointment you try to re-focus on the 3D slot you chose. Then the doorbell goes.

3. Jehovah’s Witnesses are at the door
Seems nothing can save your special night in..
You set yourself up again. Despite all previous distractions, you are channeling inner calm and ready to re-enter the world of casino games online.

4. You forgot to turn off Skype. No explanation necessary, the lord and his wife wants to catch up with their trivial life stories.

This is when you decide to have a healthy time-out. Gaming is not the be all or end all. You can always turn Friday night casino indulgence into a Saturday morning event instead. Even late late morning.. Grab your tablet or smartphone. You can play wherever you have internet. The main thing is to make sure you are not interrupted!

Slots with themes ranging from Aliens, Scarface, Desperate Housewives, The Incredible Hulk, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones are featured alongside classic casino table games (perhaps your secret passion is Pai Gow?) and are yours whenever you can carve out the time for yourself.

Planning is key, however, if you want to have the ultimate kick at home. Only a power-cut can stop you!