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Casinos are the best place to go for anyone that's looking to have a good time and win some extra money along the way. The rise of online casinos means that more and more people are playing online and taking advantage of the myriad of casino bonus offers that come their way. Gambling is a hobby for many people and sometimes you'll manage to win a bit of extra cash, but there have been a lucky few that have played their favourite casino games and walked away with the jackpot.

Out of all the casino games slot machines tend to pay out the largest jackpots, but it depends what machine you play on. Progressive slot machines tend to have the biggest jackpots available due to the way that they are designed. Unlike the non-progressive slot machines where jackpots are fixed, progressive jackpot machines increase the overall jackpot every time somebody plays until the jackpot is won. Once the jackpot is won, the jackpot resets. The chance of a multi-million jackpot means that they attract the most players. It's believed that the highest amount won on a slot machine was $39.7 million on the famous 'Megabucks' slot machine. For those that are looking for a large, one-off jackpot win, slot machines are definitely your best bet.

'Progressive jackpots' are also available on certain video poker machines. The machines used are very similar to usual slot machines, but players play the five-card draw poker variant. Like slot machines these machines enjoy a prominent place on casino floors, but also offer other bonuses along with the progressive jackpot. One of the biggest video poker jackpot wins was in 2011 when professional poker player won $670,665 by hitting a Royal Flush. Although they might not match the multi-million slot machine jackpots, a few people have managed to make large sums of money by playing on these machines.

Other casino games which tend to pay out very nicely are blackjack and poker. For casino game beginners, blackjack is probably the best place to start due to the simplicity of it. The most famous blackjack winner was media tycoon Kerry Packer. The Australian has had plenty of success stories, but his most famous win occurred in 1995 when he won 20 successive hands and ended up winning around $20 million. There is a progressive blackjack game available, but doesn't differ from the conventional game of blackjack apart from the addition of an option side bet which gives players the chance to win a progressive jackpot if they are dealt a specific card combination.

Poker is probably the most recognisable casino game, and is played professionally by thousands of professionals. Jackpots may not be available in poker, but as poker is a game of skill it is highly profitable for a number of people. These games may not have jackpots like slot machines but a few successful, large wager bets could see players win money similar to other jackpots available.

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