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As we know in online casino The house edge is called a theoretical value. It is never calculated from empirical experiments carried out during a real game. This is the theory portion of the total amount wagered that the casino would keep if each set of decisions followed the exact statistics.

Here the example of roulette may be clarified. In our example of two columns in roulette on 38 laps, the house expects to win 14 and thus $ 24 profit on each, for a total of $ 336. It also expects to lose 24, which will cost $ 12 each, for a total of $ 288 in losses.

The total bet is 38 multiplied by $ 24 or $ 912, while the gain of the house is $ 48, the difference between $ 336 and $ 288. The benefit is calculated by dividing $ 48 by $ 912, which is 5.26%.

Bearing in mind that these statistics and that although 38 laps will not necessarily produce gains for the 24 casinos, 38 million rounds will result in a number of gains that the gap will be 24 million almost insignificant. And of course, as millions of rounds are played regularly at roulette, the house gets a benefit of 5.26%.

The percentage of return is another of those theoretical values ??used in the game world is the percentage return from the money wagered that the player can hope to recover and that, if the game follows exactly the statistical forecasts.


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