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Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a well-loved game, and anyone who has played it for any length of time knows that it is also a very strategic game. It is possible to approach the game simply by placing bets on instinct, by many deep, well thought out strategies can also be applied. And, unless it was not already obvious, applying strategy to roulette is the best way to win more frequently, and walk away with more cash in the pocket.

Since roulette has such a well-designed betting table, there are many strategies that may be applied, all of which are guaranteed to give good results. But, in order to truly get better at the game of roulette, one must understand strategies, as opposed to simply applying them via instructions.

Hence, for those who are looking to get truly better at the game of roulette, lets have a look at some of the strategies that may be applied, and how they work.

Covering The Betting Table

The key to any roulette strategy is covering as much of the betting table as possible. The betting table is designed that a few well placed bets will cover a great many options, vastly improving the chances of winning. But, of course, it is impossible to cover the entire table while still standing the chance to make a profit. This, of course, is a core design of the game, and what makes it such an interesting betting prospect.

A good strategy will cover around 60% of the possible numbers the white ball may land on, while still allowing for a chance to make profit. The trick here is the bet amount placed on each option. Visa Roulette or any other real money mechanism you use to pay the game allow you to place bets that can yield high returns, and if you use a good strategy, your chances of success are that much better.

For example, a bet may be placed on red or black, on the first, second or third twelve, and a lucky number. If spreading these bets around, a good portion of the numbers are covered. If any one of the bets are a success, the winning amount should cover the bets placed, as well as earn a small profit, assuming that it is not the lucky number that wins.

The Martingale System

An example of a very simple strategy, that works very well and demonstrates how best to place betting amounts, one should examine the Martingale System. In the Martingale System, a bet must be placed on either red or black. Any amount may be used. If the bet fails, the amount must be doubled, and placed on the same colour. Simply repeat this if the bet fails yet again, doubling the whole amount.

When the bet succeeds, the winnings should be collected, and the original betting amount returned to. The key here is, of course, that by doubling the bet, the initial loss is covered, plus a profit made. Its an extremely simple betting strategy, but one that demonstrates very well how a little thought can go a long way. The downside of the Martingale System is, although extremely effective in the short term, that if the bet fails five times consecutively, the system collapses. Until that occurs, however, profits are guaranteed.

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