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UK Online Bingo: Mecca Bingo is pure FUN furnished with Cash Prizes & Surprises

The 90 Ball Bingo played at Mecca Bingo is a game widely known as "Housie" and is extremely popular bingo variant which is played in countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, sections of Europe and some sections of South America. Anyone can learn how to play this game by following these 90 ball bingo rules. The 90-ball bingo on Mecca Bingo according to remains the most famous version of bingo gaming. For leisure or just a sport you can get involved by just buying numbered bingo tickets or cards. Each of these tickets will have 3 horizontal rows and 9 columns with a row containing 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces. The first column is for numbers 1-9, the second columns is for numbers 10-19 and so on.

Tickets are also available in strips of six whereby a strip contains all the 90 numbers. A caller will then call numbers randomly, and if the numbers appear on your ticket then you can either cover them up or ‘daub’ them. During the game if you are able to cover all 3 lines that constitute a full house and you are a winner! However, there are other ways that you can win cash prizes via covering 2 lines or even a 1 line pattern.

Discover Why 90 Ball Bingo is Considered One of the Best Online Bingo Game TODAY!

Alternately, the 75 Ball Bingo offers only 3 winning patterns but carry 3 possible winners in each game. The first player who marks all the numbers on any 1 line of a ticket will be considered the winner of the first prize in that game. The second prize goes to the first player who managed to mark all the numbers of any 2 lines. Thirdly, the main and last prize is earned for a "Full House", when a player is able to mark all the 15 numbers on their ticket during the game. The most amazing thing about this game is earning potential due to the fact that it is possible for a single player to win more than once per game.

Flexibility is designed in UK online bingo game in that if more than one player is claiming the same prize then it will be Jackpot prize will be shared equally among the winners. Each prize amount depends on the number of card purchased or the total number person who opt to player in any given game but there is a minimum cash prize for each game. Games with an increased number of players will have bigger cash prizes. Notwithstanding that, many online bingo sites carry progressive jackpots where you can win thousands of pounds.

Last but certainly not least, online halls such as Mecca Bingo provide the option to "Auto-Dab" so all the numbers can be marked automatically by the software. You can toggle this option on or off or select one that best suits your need. The features offered by different bingo sites may vary so use the time to read the 90 ball bingo rules of the site you have decided to play.

You can rest assured that whenever there is an urge then only online bingo will satisfy that urge and you can feel free to visit websites such as Mecca Bingo, one of many UK's leading brands for online gaming! Play Bingo online and enjoy every aspect of the game.

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