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Why Slots are So Popular

Charles Fey is not an instantly recognisable name, but very few avid or casual gamblers have not interacted in some way with his invention: the slot machine. Fey created this great game in 1895, and by 1910 slot machines had begun their extraordinary rise to the top of the list of players’ favourite real money entertainments.

Nowadays, slots machines can be found in bars, clubs, brick-and-mortar casinos, and those which run their business online. A wide array of players ranging in ages and from many different backgrounds enjoy slot every single day, by means of their desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Understanding Online Slots Games

Classic slots machines are made up of 3 reels and just 1 payline, but these days players will very easily be able to find slots that have a varying amount of reels and paylines available, with selections of coin denominations offered, bonus payouts to be had, and all of the bells and whistles that the world of online gambling has brought about. Video slots, with their video game style and big bonus features have become the most popular forms of slots games online, and players will find that just about every genre and theme imaginable has been covered.

The Appeal of Slots Games

The bright, flashing lights; immersive sound-effects; and big money jackpots all serve to ensure that online players regularly make their way to the slots section of the online and mobile casinos that provide instant access, and the trend is set to continue.

The fact that players are able to win huge amounts of money from a relatively tiny investment means that they are able to play for much longer periods of time than they would at, say, a roulette table, or when playing blackjack. The interestingly themed real online pokies games offer entertainment on a number of different levels:

The realistic sound-effects that today’s slots games are able to render make playing them from anywhere a fun experience that offers all of the excitement of play at land-based venues, with none of the drawbacks. Players are able to enjoy first-rate slots entertainment from anywhere with an internet connection, and can pick and choose from hundreds of titles when they do.

The massive advances in modern technology that have taken place over the past few years have resulted in incredibly high-quality graphic imagery for the slots games of today, and the interesting themes which casino game developers have as a base for many of these ensure that players are kept stimulated by well-designed games whenever they enjoy slots at online and mobile casinos.

Same Concept, Different Execution

The principal of slots machines hasn’t changed, even if everything else about them has, and their evolution has resulted mainly in the player being able to enjoy far more options. The games themselves are much more interactive, and many feature 5 reels rather than 1 or 3, and as many as 50 symbols for each of these reels. Ways to Win slots have also become very popular, as have those with reels that change in number when bonus rounds are triggered.

The games are much more interesting than they once were, with clunky levers being replaced by slick graphics and software that integrates incredibly smoothly with a variety of different devices. Charles Fey may be the father of slots, but technology has taken his invention and made it a million times better.

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