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The blackjack is one of the most studied gambling in the academic world, especially among specialists in mathematics and statistics. Many of the best American minds were conquered by the black jack and are the subject of study of the main treaties.

Studies have shown that despite the number of cards, black jack remains one of the games of chance with the lowest margin for banks, because the influence of luck is relatively limited, while the player's skills have a determining influence on the success of the game.

To improve the performance of the game itself, it is now very easy to find on Internet sites devoted to the development of strategies to use in blackjack, as well as numerous game manuals published by professional players and students of mathematics and statistics.

Exported to the United States in the nineteenth century, there were some changes in the rules of the game acquired its present name of blackjack. Some of these scholars, over time, have become excellent players, winning also in tournament play.

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